SALADS – Side dish or for the Cold Buffet

– Potato Salad Southern style (contains no mayonnaise, just oil, vinegar and broth with herbs and spices)
– Mixed Salad (combination of different salads such as carrot, lettuce, potato salad, comes with oil-vinegar dressing)
– Cabbage Salad – Cole Slaw German Style (cabbage, carrots, red pepper in an oil-vinegar dressing)
– Pasta Salad (contains elbow pasta, assorted vegetable, parsley, oil- vinegar dressing)

All dressings are home made without preservatives, corn syrup or added sugar. We use sunflower oil and white wine vinegar. Added mayonnaise is organic. All vegetables are organic or all natural. We use always Non-GMO vegetable and fruit for our dishes.

mixed salad swabian potato salad