There is one important season in Germany that comes with a variety of cookies that are not available during the rest of the year: The Christmas Cookies and Cakes.

The German holiday cookies are very special and you cannot get them in the USA like you would in Germany.

Find a selection of  these German cookies that will be freshly baked  for the holidays and if you like for your special event or party throughout the year – they make great party favors.

Our cookies are made out of unbleached flour, organic sugar, natural vanilla and spices, natural eggs, and in general they contains only natural ingredients.

  • Vanilla Cones or “Vanillekipferl”- $15/dz – With the flavor of natural Vanilla.
  • Hazelnut Macaroons – $15/dz – With real hazelnuts.
  • Coconut Macaroons – $15/dz – Sprinkled with some dark chocolate- irresistible!
  • Simple Butter Cookies – You will taste the butter! – S13/dz
  • Madeleines – A French cookie of an unique shape and taste.
    Available as whole wheat or gluten free  – $16/dz
  • Rum balls – Made after an original Austrian recipe. They are filled with a light chocolate filling and surrounded by unsweetened cocoa – $19/dz

    vanilla cones hazelnut macaroons
    madeleines rumballs