Cold Buffet

A cold Buffet is are wonderful for every event, big or small. WE do every size.
We can come up with a customized solution per your needs or choose from the options below.

  • Pepperboats – colorful pepper filled with cream cheese, almonds and chives
  • Cheese Balls – assorted cream cheese balls with pistachios, curry, paprika, black pepper or herbs
  • Ham Asparagus Rolls – cooked German ham rolled around green asparagus
  • Wurstsalat – Bologna salad as it is served in the South of Germany (Bologna, pickles, vinegar-oil dressing)
  • Quiche Lorraine – Home made quiche with a tiny hint of France
  • Butter Pretzel – soft pretzel filled with creamy butter
  • Fruit Platter – assorted fruit
  • Cheese Platter – assorted cheese, hard pretzel, grapes, red radishes and mustard
  • Pasta Salad – ell bow pasta, pickles, peas, spring onions, carrots on a curry-mayonnaise-vinegar dressing
  • Cold Wiener schnitzel stripes
  • Mini Frikadellen (cold German meat balls) served with mustard and olives

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